Matthew R Linden

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Recent Works

Fidelity Investments

Application Developer

Line of Business Web applications for employee: Training and performance evaluation. Web application for automation of Excel based Heatmap. ASP.Net, C#, VB.Net, SQL Server, Oracle, JavaScript, jQuery, XML, HTML/CSS.

General Dynamics

Application Developer

Line of Business Web applications for the GDIT. Web applications:.Net Core, ASP.Net, C#, MVC, WebAPI, Powershell, Mulesoft, VB.Net, Oracle.

Boston Centerless

Application Developer

Migrate an MS Access (VBA) application to .Net & SQL Server


Application Developer

Line of Business Web applications for digital coupons. API development for vendor integration. Mobile application for Windows 8, ETL & console applications backend tools. ASP.Net, WebAPI, C#, MVC, RESTful WCF, WebAPI, XML Services(ASMX), XAML, Windows 8, VB.Net, SQL Server, JavaScript, XML, HTML/CSS, Telerik, QuickBooks.

Taco Comfort Solutions

.Net Developer

IoT water heater leak detector: WebAPI, Amazon Web Services, Azure Services, C#, SQL Server.


Application Developer

Line of Business Web applications for the recognition industry. Web application for organizations to recognize employees. .Net 4.0 platform with variety of ETL & console applications backend tools. ASP.Net, C#, MVC, RESTful, WCF, XML Services(ASMX), VB.Net, Oracle, SSIS, SSRS, SQL Server, JavaScript, XML, HTML/CSS, Telerik.


Cheryl Burns:Director of Instructional Design and Development, Fidelity Investments

I have worked with Matt Linden on our database software application for about four years. During this time he has provided quality service in helping us with the SQL-based application and database. Matt always gives us candid advice with our best interests in mind. As we have worked to transition our application into new technology, Matt has provided sage counsel and advice every step of the way. I will gladly work with Matt again in the future should the opportunity present itself.

Cheryl Burns

Neal Cao:Chief Information Officer, E2E Group

During Matt’s time as Sr. Software Developer at Engage2Excel, Matt worked on highly visible, business-critical projects that span development of client-facing business applications to back-end database conversions and upgrades. Some notable projects and tasks that Matt worked on recently include: Matt architected the implementation and integration of a third-party SaaS reporting product into the company’s enterprise platform; he managed a critical application and database conversion from Oracle to SQL Server, and he led an offshore technology team to deliver several projects.

Neal Cao

Lawrence Salvucci:Director of Information Technology, Boston Centerless, Inc.

We were looking for a .NET Developer to take our Quote Configurator from an MS Access database and update it to a .NET platform so it would allow us to have more flexibility with the application and integrate it better with our ERP system. It would also allow us to branch it off so that customers could enter quotes directly from our website and it also would allow us to automate pieces of it so the quoting process would take less time. We didn’t have to search too much for a developer once we found Matt. He was the right guy for the job because he had the right experience with both MS Access and .Net applications. He also had the right attitude along with the understanding of what we were looking to accomplish. So it was a no brainer to contact Matt for this project. Matt has done an incredible job building this application in a desktop application and while keeping most of the same cosmetic features so our employees did not have to learn and entirely new system. The workflow and design was identical to our current application but the coding and backend features were all rewritten into SQL and He has a natural talent at understanding how things are built which allows him to take a project and dissect it and rebuild it from the ground up. He is also very creative with his ideas to make things easier and to make the process flow better. He brought many great ideas to the table that enhanced our system and made it easier for the processing of quotes. He is always up for a challenge and he never gives up until he is fully satisfied with the end result. His work is exceptional and his work ethic is beyond amazing. He doesn’t watch the clock or stop working at 5pm. He gives 110% all the time and never gives up until he and his customer are satisfied. We are going to continue our relationship with Matt because he has proven he is the man for the job. We are entering into a phase II part of this project which we will contact Matt to do the work because of his efforts and his dedication to building a A+ application. I would highly recommend Matt for anyone who requires exceptional talent, dedication beyond words, and a man who is driven to produce the best application possible.

Lawrence Salvucci

Chris Valli:Manager of Information Technology, Valassis Local Market Services

I have been working with Matthew Linden for many years now, which in and of itself speaks to my overall satisfaction with the relationship. Matt doesn’t just “develop”, he truly wants to get in and understand your business and your current needs in order to collaboratively come up with a solution that works. He often comes up with creative ideas that add (improved) functionality and productivity to an existing project scope.

Chris Valli

Chris Dion:Database Administrator

Matt Linden has been a valuable contributor to our company for over two years. Matt has built multiple applications and websites that allow our company to streamline manual business processes with ease of use data applications. Matt is a creative web developer who is able to take the challenge of a requirements document and convert that into a fully functional application. Matt is exceptionable at working late nights and weekends to make sure the project is delivered on-time. In addition to Matt’s expertise in web development, he is also very personable and easy to work with. I highly recommend Matt for anyone who needs an excellent web developer.

Chris Dion

Doug West:President, Medirate, Inc.

I talked with several tech firms and eventually settled on EZ Doeslt Software after talking with Matt Linden. It wasn't any particular credential but the subtle sense of enthusiasm he conveyed when speaking that convinced me. I was more excited to get going on our project after speaking with him than I was before I called. Matt took the time to understand not just our project, but our business and clients. He wanted to know where we were and where we wanted to go Matt's commitment didn't end with initial development. He assisted us with training approximately 25 users so that our clients would be up and running with minimum downtime as they learned what proved to be a remarkably intuitive program. His ability to translate Geek into everyday English proved invaluable as we moved to a post deployment environment.

Doug West

Tech & Talents

20 years’ experience in software development for businesses.

My greatest skill is the ability to probe the process during project planning/discovery phase and correctly scope development.
I know how to follow the trail to get to the heart of the development effort and then work backwards to produce the application that exceeds the original goals.

I am an excellent communicator and being a native Bostonian, I have  no language or cultural barriers to producing an awesome application. I have the drive and political sense necessary required to properly interview internal or external customers of the application.

  • .Net Core
  • Blazor
  • .NET Framework (Desktop, Web & Mobile)
  • EF Core
  • C# & VB.Net.
  • ASP.Net: MVC & Webforms
  • Azure
  • WebAPI
  • RESTful Services
  • AWS
  • Azure DB
  • XML Web Services.
  • JavaScript: jQuery,
  • CSS3/HTML5
  • VB6 to .Net
  • VB6 to Web
  • MS Access to .Net
  • MS Access to Web
  • VBA to .Net
  • WCF
  • MS SQL Server
  • SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services)
  • SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services)
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft Access
  • Quick-Books Integration
  • DevExpress
  • Telerik.
  • SyncFusion    

Healthcare, Finance, Military, Industrial Services, Education, Mortgage & Title, Sales, Government, Defense, Manufacturing, Human Resources, Technology, Transportation, Real Estate.    

TFS, GIT, Scrum, Agile CI.  Great communication skills: Ability to interview customer and quickly interpret their needs and then develop an application and, finally, to deliver a practical solution. I speak both human & tech.  

Married, son, (4) grandchildren, Jewish, music, amateur theater, dog training and gardening.
Tech & TalentsTech & Talents

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